Current Favorites: Velvet and Roses

Ahoy Matey Shop is in full swing! I've been putting in a lot of man hours and I'm so so happy with it, it's surreal how well it's taken off! I truly hope you guys are loving it just as much as I am. 

Each and every piece in my shop is special and amazing, but I wanted to dedicate a post to my latest obsession we got goin' on in the shop: Velvet and Roses.

The Desert rose is trending hard right now and there is never too much velvety goodness going on. The two paired together is dangerous. Dangerously sexy and dangerously amazing. These are the pieces I'm currently crushing deeply over, and I know you will too. Crush away babes. Crush away. 



The Desert Rose Mesh Bodysuit. Where's the drooling heavily Emoji. 


The Velvet Crop Bra is one of our favorites because........... GOD DAMN. 


The Satin Rose Bralette makes us feel so sexy, it's the perfect little number to wear under anything and everything. Trust us. 



The Angela Velvet Bodysuit is amazing. So amazing. The velvet, the plunging neckline. We. can't. even. #likewecant


The Dusty Rose Mesh bodysuit is literally all we need in life. If we could live in this sexy little number we would, we actually might be. #sorrynotsorry 


Want to feel sexy beyond belief? Here's The Forget Me Not Velvet Bodysuit. You're Welcome


When Velvet and Roses collide. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? No, no we're not. This piece is amazing in every single way. The Keep Dreaming Velvet Bodysuit has us dreaming to no end. 


And let's not leave out the classic masterpiece that is the Velvet Crush Bralette. The staple every closet needs. Don't worry, we got you covered. 

All these pieces are driving me crazy lately. In a good way, of course.

But serious question, is it possible to wear them all at once? Because making choices is hard and I don't want to have to choose. 

Shop all these pieces and check out all the other amazing goodies has got goin' on! Start Crushing hard babes. 


Laura <3